Flies for Alaska, Flyfishing Techniques and Fly Patterns
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Brad with Alaskan Rainbow in Stream

More Information About Flies for Alaska.com

  Fliesforalaska.com is an on-line fly-fishing, fly tying, and trophy catching store where you can learn how to tie and present flies to all the Pacific Salmon species (King Salmon, Red salmon, Silver Salmon, Chum Salmon, and Pink Salmon), rainbow trout, steelhead, northern pike, char/dollies, and grayling. I want you to hook more fish, bigger fish, and land these fish. The best fly patterns (personally tied), tying techniques, fishing techniques, and needed equipment to exceed your dreams on that special trip to Alaska.

You should know that there are rarely fly shops close to where you are fishing. The majority of my guiding years were spent out in the bush where there are no stores let alone a fly shop, and not all lodges have flies for sell. All of the lodges I worked for that did by flies, bought their flies in bulk, which were tied overseas, because they were price effective. These patterns that the lodges stock are usually substandard and will fall apart after little use, also these are not the flies that elite, experienced guides use simply because there are better patterns.

  The flies in my systems are the result of many hours spent tying in the guide shack, after a day of fishing at the lodge. Iíve invented new patterns, Iíve taken the good flies and made them better, and I have made them available to you to have on your next fishing trip. Take these flies with you because you wonít be able to buy them on the stream. Fishermen usually are very secretive with their ace patterns. Many times, guides at the same lodges donít even share patterns, a look in their fly box is like trying to see a poker players hole cards. Information is not always shared especially with competing lodges. I have received phone calls, after the season is over, from guides that worked at other lodges asking me what patterns we used. These guides could see that during the season that we were catching more fish than they were at their lodge. These guides knew that I had patterns that caught fish, and so did their clients when they went by us in the boats everyday. Guides donít like for their clients to see other fishermen catching more fish. Itís embarrassing and cuts into the tips at the end of the week. The point is, I have flies and patterns that even the other guides want, and take lots with you because there isnít any place to buy them when you get there.

  The flies and techniques included in the systems are not restricted to fishing in Alaska. All along the West coast where the Pacific Salmon and Steelhead run (California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho) these flies and techniques will have great results. I believe these are the best fly packages ever assembled to catch fish in different conditions and seasons. The flies included will produce amazing results (rainbows, grayling and pike) wherever these species are found (Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Arkansas). There are many fantastic trout waters in the lower forty-eight states; especially the tail-waters where catching fish can be very technical. You need the correct flies, and knowledge to be successful.  Click here to order