Flies for Alaska, Flyfishing Techniques and Fly Patterns
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Huge Silver Multiple Silvers

Silver / Coho Salmon

There isn't a much better way to spend a day in Alaska than catching Silver Salmon on a fly. Silvers are known for their brilliant tail-walking jumps and sizzling runs. They are also the most aggressive of the five Pacific Salmon. Their willingness to strike and the previously mentioned athletic ability have resulted in a reputation that anglers talk about in hushed tones. And when they are in the river in the substantial numbers they can reach at the peak of the run, the results can lead to a day of sport fishing memories you'll never forget.

  I'll show you my top seven, time-proven fly patterns. However, there is one pattern that will out fish any other fly for Silvers. It is a little unorthodox and when I give this pattern to my clients it is usually met with fascination along with some degree of skepticism, but the results can't be disputed. After using the fly the skepticism is invariably replaced by broad smiles. Day in and day out this fly simply catches more fish. Many times I've guided a married couple for the day. The circumstances always seem to be the same. The husband has been to Alaska before and the wife hasn't. He feels his prior experience has equipped him to handle whatever conditions he might face so he will ask me to concentrate my efforts with assisting his wife. After rigging his wife up with the Silver Salmon fly and teaching her the correct technique and presentation, we begin to receive puzzled and forlorn looks from the husband, which translate to, "What is going on?" As I've already said, you can't dispute results, and it isn't too much longer before the husband wants to know what his wife is fishing with and the inevitable question, "You think I might give one of those a try?" I believe there is one fly that simply out produces all other Coho flies. The other six patterns are very good and catch lots of fish and are definitely worth fishing, but aren't as readily attacked as "the one". ($19.95 for the tying instructions and fishing techniques, or you will receive the seven personally tied flies and fishing instructions for $31.95). Both packages include a list of recommended equipment to bring, tying instructions, pictures of flies, and other helpful hints. Each additional set of seven flies is $20.95.   Click here to order