Flies for Alaska, Flyfishing Techniques and Fly Patterns
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Colorful Grayling Grayling


  Grayling are a very unique fish with their elegant high, broad dorsal fin (males) and neon-like blue tones of color on their bodies and fins. Most anglers want to target them just to say they've caught one and get a photograph. But Grayling fishing can be like eating a well-known potato chip. It can sometimes be difficult to stop at one. Their appeal lies in the fish's willingness to cooperate and lack of discrimination for almost any fly remotely presented properly. I've actually caught a Grayling with the same fly pattern that I had just broken off in the fish's mouth five minutes earlier. I got my fly back. I don't mean to say that Grayling can't display a reluctance to strike, especially if the water is very clear and without riffles. Under these conditions you must present the correct flies to these closed mouth fish to be able to catch them.

  It's exciting to be able to spot the fish, pick out the big one, and then fish specifically for it. Watching a particular fish you are trying to catch come to your fly and "take" is rewarding, but it can also be very frustrating to see the fish and not have the proper flies and technique to catch them. Be prepared. I'll show you my six favorite flies; dries and nymphs ($19.95 for the tying instructions and fishing techniques, or you will receive six personally tied flies and instructions for $29.95). Both packages include a list of recommended equipment to bring, tying instructions, pictures of flies, and other helpful hints. Each additional set of seven flies is $18.95.   Click here to order