Flies for Alaska, Flyfishing Techniques and Fly Patterns
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Char / Dolly Varden Caught on Flyrod Char / Dolly Varden Caught on Flyrod in Stream

Char / Dolly Varden

  Char and Dolly Varden are widespread throughout Alaska and they're a welcome addition to most any day of fishing. In fact, this last summer a friend of mine came up for a week of fishing with me on Kodiak Island. Silver and Sockeye Salmon were coming in on every tide, so our focus was logically to be on them. On the first day he arrived I gave him the "Grand Tour" and we headed upriver to fish for dollies and maybe some early steelhead because the tides were wrong for the salmon. Later that week, even with the fresh runs of Silver and Sockeye Salmon coming in on every tide, he was still intrigued with the possibilities of the Char/Dolly fishing upriver and asked me to take him up there again. The following morning, I took him upriver in the early morning and dropped him off. When I returned in the afternoon he greeted me at the boat with a big grin and before he could get in the boat he was asking me to bring him back the next day. He couldn't get enough of the aggressive Dolly/Char in their beautiful autumn spawning colors.

  After leaving the lodge, he spent another week fishing the rivers around Kenai Lake for Char/Dolly. He continued to enjoy good success and even helped other anglers by sharing the system I taught him. That system includes what flies to use and just as importantly, how to use them. My friend still talks about all the Char and Dollies he caught on his first trip to Alaska. There are six patterns you need to take with you. ($19.95 for the tying instructions and fishing techniques, or you can get the six personally tied flies along with the fishing instructions for $27.95). Both packages include a list of recommended equipment to bring, tying instructions, pictures of flies, and other helpful hints. Each additional set of six flies $14.95.   Click here to order